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Each year, more than 10% of your car’s air conditioning gas leaks out of the system, causing significant wear-and-tear to the air conditioner over time.

If your car AC is not cooling your vehicle down like it used to, then it may be time for a car air conditioning repair. As a general rule, car manufacturers recommend that you get your car aircon serviced by a professional mechanic every two years.

After you get a car AC service, you will notice a significant difference in how efficient your car’s cooling system runs. Enjoy a more comfortable drive, knowing the air conditioner is working at its best again.

Should I Get a Car AC Service?

By getting a car AC service as soon as you notice an issue, you save yourself time and money in the long term. Regular car aircon services and repairs help improve the longevity of your car air conditioning system. 

As an added benefit, regular car air conditioning maintenance optimises the efficiency of the system and makes it significantly more cost effective over time.

A professional car air conditioning technician can diagnose, maintain and repair your car’s AC in little time, getting you back on the road quickly. To improve your windshield visibility and overall comfort, you can also get your car AC gas and refrigerant topped up every one to two years.

How to Get a Car AC Service

At Andrew McClure Mechanical, we will direct you to the best possible car air conditioning servicing and repairs, using our decades in the industry and connections to get your car AC working again as soon as possible.

By working with a mechanic who has the most up-to-date knowledge and latest diagnostic equipment, you can avoid the AC breaking down in your car in the future.

At Andrew McClure Mechanical, we provide top quality work, professional advice and complete transparency regardless of the type of service your vehicle needs. Give us a call today on (07) 3294 1782 to discuss your car’s needs with our friendly team, or book online.



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