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Check Transmission Fluid

Why do we need to Service Automatic Transmissions?

Automatic transmissions generate contaminants. As they wear these containments circulate with the oil and interfere with valve bodies and electronic solenoids increasing the risk of failure. It is important for transmissions to be serviced regularly and for maximum protection the oil flushed every 60 000 km’s. Auto transmissions create lots of internal heat through friction; it does not take long for auto oil to heat up with normal driving. Towing a trailer, mountain driving or high speed driving increases oil temperature.

As a rule of thumb, with every 15 degrees increase in temperature, this will reduce the life of the oil by half. At Andrew McClure Mechanical we have an Auto Oil Flushing Machine to ensure your auto is maintained in the best possible condition.

What goes wrong with Automatic Transmissions?

Transmission fluid

Auto transmission fluid is the most important component in the transmission. Old or burnt fluid reduces the life of the transmission. We recommend fluid and filters be replaced every 60 000 km.

Oil leaks

Auto transmissions are susceptible to fluid leaks as the oil has a low viscosity. Most oil leaks are from pan gaskets, front pump seals and extension housing seals.

Electrical components

Modern auto transmissions are electronically controlled. The heat from the auto oil over time causes solenoid and electrical connections to become brittle and loose. All electronic components and computers become susceptible to failure.

Filter blockage

All auto transmissions wear the friction material which can if not serviced block the filter causing loss of drive forward or reverse.

Vehicle Not Moving

The worst possible problem is a broken transmission system, and the only way to fix this is a transmission overhaul.


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