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Clean Injectors Save Petrol

Today’s modern cars all have fuel injection. They are highly sophisticated systems which incorporate many sensors to get the correct amount of fuel injected into the engine at the right time. Here at Andrew McClure Mechanical, we have some of the latest diagnostic equipment to test your car’s engine management systems.

We can scan your computer codes, test fuel pressure and test other sensors which allow us to diagnose the problem quickly and cost-effectively. Whether your car won’t start, has a flat spot, using too much petrol, idling or running rough we can help.

We also offer Fuel Injection and Decarbonisation Service for petrol & diesel engines. This service is guaranteed to clean the injectors like new. This injection cleaning kit is formulated to clean injectors, intake manifolds and combustion chamber deposits; it improves power and fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.

How we diagnose problems with your vehicle

Step 1:

Scan engine e c u [electronic control unit] for fault codes

Step 2:

Test ignition system, coils plugs leads & timing

Step 3:

Test fuel system, fuel pressure & flow, injectors & fuel filters

Step 4:

Test for vacuum leaks with a visual inspection & smoke machine

Step 5:

Exhaust gas analysis, for correct air fuel ratios at idle & cruise



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