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Battery Servicing

Your battery plays an important role in your car’s operation. It provides a source of energy for the starter and ignition system, and also provides extra power to run accessories. We stock batteries to fit most cars, 4 x 4 and commercial vehicles. This means that more often than not we will have the battery for you. Every time you bring your car into Andrew McClure Mechanical we will test your battery as part of our service inspection.

If your car’s Battery light is on in the dashboard you should have your car checked as soon as possible. The light is a warning that the level of power in the battery or the level of charge reaching the battery is insufficient. If left unattended this will drain all power from the battery and the car’s engine will stop. If your car won’t start, it may be the battery has insufficient power to turn the engine over fast enough to start your car or no power is getting through.



If the light comes on while you are driving, try to conserve battery power by turning off the heater, rear demister, stereo, headlights, interior lights, or other items that consume power until you make it to your next destination or have the system checked.


Check the wiring and battery terminal surfaces for corrosion and if corroded clean and ensure proper connection. Hot water will remove any corrosion easily. The cause of a flat or dead battery may be the battery itself or any of the components of the charging system for example the belts, the alternator, the wiring, terminals and connections or the voltage regulator. If your car won’t start or your car’s Battery or Charge indicator light is on in the dashboard, you should have your car checked as soon as possible by one of our professional Technicians.

Signs of a flat or failing car battery

Engine not turning over quickly on start-up This could indicate your starter motor is not able to draw sufficient power from the battery, due to the battery failing to accept a full charge from the alternator.

Another potential cause is frequent short trips in the vehicle, stopping the battery from receiving a full charge. Your headlights look dim at idle and then brighten when you rev the engine If your headlights are dim whilst the engine is idling, it could mean a battery or alternator issue, as the engine is not receiving enough electricity from either to power the headlights sufficiently. You’ve needed to jumpstart your battery three or more times If you’ve needed to jump-start your battery more than three times, then it’s time to have your battery and electrical system tested. A battery that has gone flat multiple times will be far less reliable, so it’s best to consider replacing the battery before it lets you down when you need it most. Jump starting a car battery is effectively ‘shocking’ your battery. Multiple jump-starts of a car battery are indicative the battery is not holding a full charge and needs replacement. Your electrical accessories aren’t responding as quickly as normal If the battery has a very low charge, some or all of the electrical accessories may be sluggish. The windows will roll up and down slower than normal, or the dashboard lights will be dim. For an obligation free battery test, book your car in today.


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