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We are still open during these uncertain times and have put in place extra cleaning processes to ensure we do our best to keep our staff and our customers safe.

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Clutch Servicing

The clutch is the link between the engine and gearbox. It has a clutch disc with friction material on both sides a pressure plate & throw out bearing. The clutch system in cars is based on friction between the flywheel [engine side] and pressure plate [gearbox side] these components spin at the same speed. When a clutch friction material starts to wear and instead of clamping tightly between the flywheel and pressure plate the clutch slips and the speed is different in these components.

At Andrew McClure Mechanical we can service all your clutch problems. We can replace clutches in all cars, 4wd and small trucks, replace clutch master and slave cylinders and clutch cables.

The following are the most common clutch problems.

Clutch Slipping

Full power of the engine does not reach the transmission, the engine speeds up, but the vehicle speed does not.

Clutch Shudder

Clutch shudder is a vibration through the vehicle when engaging no matter how slowly or carefully it is applied.

Clutch Drag

When engaging the clutch a jerk or shudder is felt through the vehicle no matter how slowly or carefully it is applied.

Hard Pedal Effort

The clutch pedal is excessively hard to push down this is usually a problem with linkage or a cable problem.

Abnormal Noise

Throw out bearing failure can be heard when applying the clutch, a rumbling, squealing or whirring noise may also be the spigot bearing or front gearbox bearing noise.


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